Fees, Location and Capacity

Event Details

The venue can hold up to 175 guests and there are adjoining areas for a ceremony and reception. You may also do only a reception if you will be having your ceremony at another location. We have some noise restrictions and the event end time is 9:30pm (a City requirement). There are restrooms, but, as mentioned, the venue is completely outdoors.

We can only have 30 events per year, so it is rather exclusive.

The venue is rented by the day, and the rental fee for the venue is $12,000.

The rental fee is for the venue only. Rentals, catering, DJ, flowers, event planner, etc. are separate and would be contracted by you. The caterer, event planner, rental company and DJ must be selected from our approved list of vendors. We have Catalina View Wines available for purchase to serve at your event or enjoy on your own.

We are located on private property and show the venue by appointment only. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us.