Weddings / Special Events

Catalina View FAQs

What is the venue rental fee for Catalina View Gardens?
The venue is rented by the day, and the rental fee for the venue is $12,000.

Can the 9:30pm end time be extended?
Per the terms of our permit the end time of all event can be no later than 9:30pm. This means that the music is off, food and beverages can no longer be served and guests must begin to leave.

When time do events usually start?
Most events begin at 3:30pm. Events can be 6 hours in duration, so , for example, if it begins at 3:00pm then is must be end at 9:00pm.

Does Catalina View Gardens allow live bands?
Due to noise restrictions, we only allow DJs from our list of approved DJs.

What happens if it rains?
Since the venue is completely outdoors, we encourage everyone who books an event at Catalina View Gardens to have a weather contingency plan. Tenting can be rented through our exclusive rental provider.

Can we use our own caterer?
We only allow caterers from our list of approved caterers that you contract with directly. We have all of the necessary insurance and permits for these caterers. The list is well rounded in terms of style of food and price point and all of the caterers are fabulous!

Is there parking on site?
Catalina View Gardens does have on-site parking. The lot can accommodate 80 cars which is enough for 150 guests. Above 150 guests we encourage clients to hire a parking service for directional parking. The fee is nominal and it ensures that as many cars as possible are parked in the lot. We do have a few overflow areas on site as well. Of course, Valet is always an option and a nice touch for your guests!

How early can we begin setting up?
You can begin setting up at 11:00am on the day of you event. Everything is brought in on the day of your event and is removed at the end of the event with the exception of rentals provided by our exclusive rental provider which get picked up the next morning.

How can we see who your approved vendors are?
Just send us an email or give us a call and we will forward the list to you.

Are there any costs for the venue other than the rental fee?
In addition to the venue fee there is a refundable deposit for damages, over-standard cleaning and entertainment compliance of $2,000.

How many restrooms are on site?
There are 2 unisex restrooms and 1 mens restroom on site. This has proven to be sufficient for guest counts up to 175.

Is an event planner required?
For a multitude of reasons that benefit both you and us, an event planner from our approved list is required for a minimum of month-of planning.